8 simple ways to keep your body cool in summer


1. Try and indulge in any physical activity, like walking or exercising during the cooler hours of the day such as early morning or late evening. This will exert less strain on your body
2. Try not to wear dark colour clothes when the temperature is high. Dark colures especially black clothes tend to retain heat and light. Avoid wearing darker colours such as navy blue and olive green, and at times when you have to wear them, team them up with a lighter colour top
3. Avoid doing any physical work in the afternoons. Experts also advise people to avoid exercising in air-conditioned gyms and health clubs because exerting your body regularly in natural heat boosts tolerance and enables you to function well even in hot climates.
4. To avoid heaviness and discomfort during those hot, summer days, it is advisable to consume smaller meals frequently during the day.
5. For an immediate cooling effect, take a cool shower. This is an excellent way to lower your body temperature and it also helps to keep the air inside the house cool.
6. Another beneficial way to cool your body is to run some cold water over your wrist. This helps to chill the pulse point and brings your body temperature down. Do this for just a minute every hour.
7. Pour rose water in a spray bottle and spray your face and body whenever you feel hot.
8. It often becomes difficult to sleep in hot weather. A good way to cool down your bed is to pour ice water into your regular hot water bottle and place it beneath the knees or feet.

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