Benefits of coconut water


? Coconut water is a great aid in whitening your skin. You can prepare a skin-whitening face mask with coconut water, cucumber juice and raw milk and apply this preparation all over your face for 15 minutes. In the end wash off with cold water. Use this recipe daily and see how effective this beauty tip is. It is also assumed that drinking coconut water during pregnancy helps to improve the complexion of an unborn baby.
? Coconut water is very helpful in clearing acne scars/pimples marks from your face. Just dab coconut water on affected areas at bed time and leave it overnight. This application fades away acne scars/pimple marks to a great extent. Not only this, even chicken pox scars can be lightened, in initial stage, by using this home remedy.
? You can use coconut water to cleanse your skin. Just dip a cotton pad in coconut water and apply on your face daily to lift away deep-seated dirt, make up and impurities from your face right away.
? Make a face pack at home with red sandalwood powder, turmeric and coconut water. Apply this homemade facial mask on your face to cure facial blemishes naturally.
? You can prepare an anti-tan face mask mixing multani mitti( fuller’s earth) and coconut water. This homemade face mask aids in curing tan and dark spots naturally. Apply this facial mask daily for optimal results.
? Just wash your face with coconut water instead of plain water and see how it lightens your skin. Moreover, it moisturizes your skin giving a healthy glow to your dry and dull face.
? Massage your hair with coconut water to deal with frizzy and unruly hair. Powered with moisturizing properties, it conditions your hair to make it gorgeously soft, silky and shiny the natural way.

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