Best ways to protect your skin from summer


Cover up your face:
But covering up bare skin doesn’t mean you have to overheat yourself. Choose loose, light-coloured clothing that’s airy. And definitely make sure you wear a shirt while you’re out there.

Sunscreen and sun block creams:
SPF—the sun protection factor (SPF) level of your sunscreen rates its effectiveness at blocking UV rays. Never use a sunscreen less than SPF 15
Even after you’ve applied sunscreen to all your exposed skin, it does wear off. Be sure to reapply your sunscreen every two hours or even more frequently if you’re swimming or sweating.

Sun glasses:
Your eyes need protection from the sun just as much as your skin does, so pick up a pair of sunglasses next time you’re out and about.
Seek out shade:
Sometimes all the sun protection in the world can’t keep you from getting burned. So whenever possible, give your skin a break. Go sit under a leafy tree. Try to walk in the shade. Whatever you can do to escape the sun’s fiery rays, do it.

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