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DLA Customer Service Contact Phone NumberDLA Contact Number 0843 487 1653 is a direct dial telephone number that will connect you directly to a customer service representative waiting to take your call.

DLA Contact Number

If you’re living with a disability, the DLA contact number may be one of the most important you could possibly have for a number of reasons. Since 1992, the DLA has been helping those living with disabilities in the United Kingdom receive the help they need. So if you have questions about your services or those of a loved ones, be sure to call the DLA contact number for help.


Understanding Your Benefits


As the DLA benefits are assigned based on means-tests, you may want to call the DLA contact number if you have questions about how that process is handled. It’s only provided for those under 65 as well, so as you get closer to that age, you may want the DLA number in order to find out what happens once you reach that milestone.


Calling for a Loved One


Because the benefits are meant for those with a physical or mental disability, you might be calling the DLA contact number on behalf of a loved one. Just be sure you have all of the relevant information handy before dialing the DLA contact number so you can be assured you will get all your questions answered correctly the first time.


Due to the nature of benefits, you may expect some security questions. Understand that the operators on the DLA helpdesk are probably only doing this because they want to make sure your loved one is getting the benefits and not someone else.


The Personal Independence Payment


The Disability Living Allowance is scheduled to be phased out sometime between 2013 and 2016. So you may want to call the DLA phone number to understand what you should expect next. There is plenty of information about the Personal Independence Payment online, but DLA customer service can help you understand it as well. Better still, they can help make sense of your individual account and how it will transfer over.


It’s a good idea to call the DLA customer service contact number sometime in the near future just to ensure you understand all the Personal Independent Payment will entail. Although you will most likely be covered, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.


Missing Benefits


Always keep the DLA phone number handy in case you or your loved one ends up missing their benefits for a given period. For many people, this can greatly impact their standard of living. So having the DLA number around and calling it immediately can make an important difference.


However, be sure you have the relevant information handy and, again, be ready for security questions. People often call the DLA customer service contact number with an eye toward defrauding them, so they’re trained to be careful.


Because it’s a benefit based on a disability that isn’t going away, you shouldn’t have to worry about calling theDLA customer service phone number only to find out the money is gone. So don’t hesitate to contact DLA whenever you’re concerned about your funds.


For the time being, the DLA is still intact, meaning the phone number for DLA is still useful. The DLA customer service number will go a long way in helping you make sense of a very important part of your life.

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