Few tips for new brides


Spa and Salon Treatments
Switch to an intense gear in terms of spa and salon treatments. Make a goal of what all set of objectives to achieve in the salon department like under eye puffiness or cracked heels and dryness issues.
Shop for Cosmetics
Go and shop all your cosmetics, especially the color cosmetics variety to check what suits you and what does not. Do this with a month in hand to revive your glow in case something does not work out. Focus on quality and opt for a versatile color in lipstick shades
Hand and Foot Care Regime
Start a day and night care regime for the hands and feet. Moisturize them, soak them in bath salts whenever you feel stressed and grow out your stubby nails. Go for manicures once a week to keep them glowing.
See a Make-up Stylist
Consult a stylist and work out all the looks you want for the ceremonies right to the very last detail. It helps to know what will work for you to avoid any unnecessary surprises on the D-day.
See a Dietician
Consult a dietician of repute with at least a month in hand. With the amount of running around involved in the preparations a strict diet will help you to stay focused on the health aspect. You could end up losing some much needed weight as well.
Home Made Herbal Skin Care
Do quick facials at home and use tried and tested herbal face packs to ensure that glow on your face. Do not experiment with anything new at this stage.
Do A Make Up And Styling Rehearsal
Plan a full rehearsal of all the styles with your stylist and make up. Some salons give the full dress rehearsal to get the feel of the final outcome. Make sure you have a trusted friend or relative along with you for these sessions to give you an honest feedback.
No Fast Foods
Eating out is not ruled out. However, fast food and junk food are definitely off the list. Eat healthy else the stress induced breakouts will cause all sorts of problems in the makeup department.

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