Foods that will pull out nicotine from your body completely


If you are a healthy human being, your liver and your renal system should do a good enough job of metabolizing toxins. To help them out your body should be hydrated and water plays a vital role.
Citrus Fruits:
Citrus fruits are one of the best sources of vitamin C. First off, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, getting rid of the free radicals caused by your smoking and protecting your tissues from further damage.
Broccoli and leafy greens:
Just like citrus fruits, broccoli and other leafy greens are a great source of vitamin C and other nutrients. Broccoli also contains compounds that protect your lungs from toxins that could damage it.
Green tea:
Rich in antioxidants and with many anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is one of the best ways to help your body recover from the damage caused by smoking.
Chewing a piece of ‘raw ginger’ will help you fight those nicotine cravings, either you can drink a glass of ginger juice for faster result.

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