How do I find I am running with an outdated software in my computer?


We have many software to find the outdated version of software in the computers. We can use many software to find the outdated version of running software in our computer. Some of them are
• patch my pc,
• Software Update Checkers
• OUTDATE fighter
• Kaspersky Software Updater
• Software Updates Monitor SUMO etc.

Example Astutesoft software checker:
By using Astutesoft we can check the software updates in our computer. Let me explain about the sumo software update checker sumo contains six buttons at the bottom of the Astutesoft windows, such as

• Check
• Scan
• Add
• Remove/ignore
• Get update

First we need to click the check button and then it will check the updates of the availability of updated version of the software installed in your system.
Then we need to scan the installed updates by clicking the scan button the software might not recognize the portable software installed on your system.
In that case you can add the unrecognized software to the program, just by clicking the ‘Add’ button.
If we don’t want some updated software means we can remove it by clicking the ignore/remove button.
We can get update of installed software by clicking the get update button.
Like this we have different steps in different software.

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