How to be confident enough


Smile a lot that always gives you confident look and positive energy.
You can’t be excellent in everything try to know your drawback and work on it and feel yourself that you can do it.
Dressing is the main part where that makes you feel that you’re always special and confident enough to perform the task, so always wear a dress which makes you feel comfortable and confident matter what others think of you and your dressing. First you should be confident enough.
Just remember a point that never compare a unique person like you with some other person they may be perfect in something else place yourself in the first place all the time.
Never decide on your worth always aim bigger don’t underestimate yourself.
Make a chart and mark all the good things about you no matter either if that is silly but make a list every day and feel great about yourself every day.

Start up a conversation which you know, it’s silly that to start a conversation aimlessly but relate your topic to their talk and obviously go-ahead so you will know many things through others and mean while you can deliver your knowledge on the topic to others too.
Be yourself make yourself comfortable always believe in the thought that “you are what you are” so no one can judge you and make the changes constantly so never mind what others think of you.

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