How to have dinner to sleep well


When it comes to sleeping well we must implement several good habits to be successful. It it is not enough to simply choose suitable food for dinner, it is also necessary to consider other factors, for example:
• Portions: dine in moderation, going to bed with a full belly makes for poor rest. Remember that the body invests a lot of energy in digesting a meal, this could affect the ability to sleep properly. In addition, abundant dinners before sleep are closely associated with other sleeping problems such as snoring or nightmares.
• Dinner schedule: specialists recommend that a period between 2 and 3 hours should elapse between dinner time and sleep. In this way you ensure your body has time to adequately digest the food, leading to a better rest
Protein to sleep well
Protein is not only a good dinner option so we don’t put weight on, but is also excellent in helping us sleep. Protein contains tryptophan, a substance which favours the regulation of our melatonin (the hormone involved in sleeping) levels, and serotonin (a neurotransmitter that also has an effect on how we rest).
If you want to choose an option to eat for dinner to sleep well, opt for a lean meat such as fat-free chicken or turkey, as well as foods such as fish, especially oily fish and hard boiled eggs. Remember that you must also watch the preparation of foods, preferring these cooked in the grill, oven, by vapour or stewed
Some foods to avoid before sleep:
o Snack foods or food which are rich in fat, because these hamper digestion and make for a heavy stomach.
o Meals rich in sugar as these activate us, not what we want during the last few hours of the day.
o Alcohol is a powerful stimulant that, in addition, can give us a bad night if we abuse it.
o Beverages containing caffeine such as tea, coffee or soft drinks, none of which favours sleep as these are all stimulants.

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