How to remove stain from clothes?


Baby powder: Sprinkle powder on the area and let it stay until it absorbs all the oil on the cloth, soak it in normal detergent and wash the clothes, you can find amazing results.
Lemon juice: Squeeze 4 to 5 drops of lemon juice on the area of strain and wash it off with normal detergent you will see the results immediately.
Kerosene or petrol: Slightly damp the strained area either in kerosene or petrol and wash the clothes as usual and you will see the confirmed results, But Make sure this should be used only in light color clothes.
(Use this if the clothes are in single colour example full white or full pink just like that)
White vinegar: You can slightly add a small cup of vinegar in a detergent bucket or washing machine and let it soak for half an hour after that wash the clothes as usual you can see the results like very bright clothes with no strain and even perfume strain too.
Liquid Detergent: Use toothbrush or paint brush and apply on the strained are and clean it, you will find the results, the reason why am asking you to use those brushes is it will directly remove strains even in the delicate cloths. Try it out and find best results.

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