Royal Mail Contact Number | 0843 487 1655

Royal Mail Customer Service Contact Phone NumberRoyal Mail Contact Number 0843 487 1655 is a direct dial telephone number that will connect you directly to a customer service representative waiting to take your call.

Royal Mail Contact Number

While there are many delivery services throughout the world, perhaps one of the best known for the United Kingdom is Royal Mail. So if you’re shipping within Great Britain or Northern Ireland and using this service, you’ll want to keep the Royal Mail contact number handy.

Lost Letters

Unlike UPS or DPD, Royal Mail actually handles letters. As these envelopes often contain very important forms of information, it would make sense that you would want to call theRoyal Mail contact number in the event that something happened to yours. Sometimes, you may simply fear that it’s gotten lost, as this can sometimes happen with such large volumes of mail. Other times, though, you may receive your letter, but simply wish to call theRoyal Mail contact number because it’s been defiled in some way.

Given the reputation Royal Mail likes to keep, you can bet they’d like to hear from you. Due to their analytics, they should be able to track down who’s responsible for your heartache when you call theRoyal Mail contact number.

Delivery Schedules

Royal Mail generally delivers at least once a day, except for Sunday. Bank holidays are taken off as well. So you may want to call theRoyal Mail contact number if you have any questions about when delivery will occur. This is helpful when you’re waiting on a delivery or planning on sending one. Just call theRoyal Mail phone number to get all the information you need.

Prohibited Goods

There are a number of goods the Royal Mail simply will not carry. There are also a number of restricted items that can be posted, but must meet certain conditions first. Call the Royal Mail number before attempting to ship either to make sure you understand what they are. If you’re not sure exactly what it is you plan on shipping, it’s once again a good idea to call the Royal Mail customer service contact number and ask them for clarification. This will take care or any risks.

Business Mailing

A large swath of The Royal Mail’s customers is businesses, so it would make sense if you needed the Royal Mail phone number for related purposes. Any business can use The Royal Mail of course, so you don’t need to call the Royal Mail number beforehand for that, simply use a franked envelop and you’ll be fine.

However, call the Royal Mail customer service contact number to inquire about reduced rates. If your business mails enough, the operator at the other end of the Royal Mail customer service phone number will explain to you that a lot of money can be saved. In today’s economy, that’s certainly worth one call to the Royal Mail helpdesk, don’t you think?

So if you’re having issues with a letter, call the Royal Mail phone number as soon as possible. Royal Mail customer service is generally well-respected and the operator should be able to help. You should also contact Royal Mail if you’re a business looking to receive a reduced price on shipping. The phone number for Royal Mail can be used for all these purposes and more.

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