Simple home remedies to remove sun tan ?


• Wash the tanned area with lukewarm water and apply fresh coconut water all over and leave it to dry. After half an hour you can wash with cold water. Do it regularly in few days your skin colour will become normal.

• Take some raw milk and add a pinch of turmeric powder and mix well. Now after washing the tanned area apply this with cotton and leave it to dry. When it becomes dried you can wash with water. Repeat it daily. In few days your skin will become normal. It will also give your skin glow and softness.

• Take one cup of raw milk and add one tablespoon of Sandalwood powder in it and mix well. After washing affected area apply this mixture on tanned area and leave for drying. After some time it will become dried. Now wash with water. This is very effective tip to remove sun tan. It will also improve your skin tone and you will get a fair skin. Apply regularly according to your need.
• Pour milk, and water in a cup in equal amount, and soak up a cotton cloth in this solution to place on your sunburn affected parts .Try this home remedy to get relief from the painful suntan.

• Take bath in cold water, and soak up your body for 15 minutes in the bath tub. You can try this home remedy if your suntan is so severe over the whole body.

• Put ice cubes on the areas affected by suntan to soothe them quickly.

• If your cheeks and the areas around eyes are affected by sunburn, then place tea bags, cucumber, or potato slices on these areas to treat suntan naturally at home. This home remedy will cure your dark circles too.

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