Simple tips to avoid Junk foods


Kick out fast food:
How do we beat crack for the single male? Yes, that’s how hooked people are on this. How about this:
• Start by saving all your fast food receipts for one week
• Now, place a jar by your bed
• Each night, empty your pants, wallet, or purse of all the fast food receipts.
At the end of one week, you can add them all up and get a pretty good idea of how much you’re spending on this crap. Round that up to the nearest and cut it in half. That’s how much you’ll spend a week from now on.
I suggest:
• Keep something in your car to eat on the way home from work, like an apple or some nuts – something filling and always ready.
• Have some frozen meals ready at home so you never wonder what you’re going to eat tonight. If you can’t make them yourself on the weekend, try those frozen skillets – something balanced and quick.
Then, when this new habit is a part of you, cut that dollar amount again, and again, and again until you’re happy with how much (how little) fast food you’re eating. I think under $10 a week is OK for most people.
Kick out Crap Snacks:

The first step to kicking crappy snack foods is doing a food inventory. What do you have in your kitchen? Cookies, chips, candy? And what are you eating them for? Which are your comfort food? Stress foods?
Then we’re going to make a chart of all these snacks and for each one list a replacement snack. For example instead of potato chips you could eat tortilla chips with salsa. Now you can switch a crappy snack for it’s healthier replacement. But no more than one every two weeks (pacing). Make yourself eat the new food daily so it becomes a part of your lifestyle and remember to snack before you get hungry.
It’s a pretty straight forward process but here’s a few tips to make it go smoother:
• If you have a craving for a crap snack that you absolutely have to give in to, buy an individual portion or eat just enough to satisfy your craving and throw out the rest. Keeping it around is crap-snack sabotage.
• If you have a sweet tooth, proportion something into bites and eat them after a healthy snack. For example cut a snickers bar into 8ths and keep each individually wrapped in the freezer, then eat one after you’ve filled up on popcorn. That gives you that sweet taste without having to fill up that sweet crap.
The three keys to kicking junk food are planning, pacing and sticking to it

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