Ticketmaster Contact Number | 0843 487 1638

Ticketmaster Customer Service Contact Phone NumberTicketmaster Contact Number 0843 487 1638 is a direct dial telephone number that will connect you directly to a customer service representative waiting to take your call.

Ticketmaster Contact Number

Plan on seeing a show in the near future? You’ll want to have the Ticketmaster contact number with you. Ticketmaster is known the world over as the place to go to for tickets to just about any entertainment imaginable. In fact, if you call the Ticketmaster contact number at any given time, you’ll hear a listing of shows coming to your area in the near future and you can buy right over the phone.

Looking Up Show Dates

One reason to call the Ticketmaster contact number is to check on show dates in the upcoming future. While you can always check a website, this isn’t always convenient if you’re busy, on the go or just heard about the show. All you need to do is call the Ticketmaster contact number and you may hear it on a recording. Otherwise, just speak with an operator.

Calling the Ticketmaster contact number for this reason is especially helpful when a show has added dates. This happens for particularly popular ones, meaning you may want to confirm by calling the Ticketmaster phone number before giving someone money for tickets.

Buying Tickets

Of course, by far and away the most popular reason people call the Ticketmaster number is because they want to purchase tickets for their favorite show. It’s easy to purchase the quantity you want when you call the Ticketmaster customer service contact number and the operators will even make it easy to find the seats you’d prefer too.

Ticketmaster does have a refund policy too. You can call the Ticketmaster phone number to hear about it or simply contact them when you believe you’re entitled to one. Either way, the people who work customer support will be happy to help when you call the Ticketmaster number.

Picking Up Your Tickets

When you buy tickets by calling the Ticketmaster customer service contact number, you still need to pick them up somehow. The same is true if you buy them online. By calling the Ticketmaster customer service phone number, you can find out all your options for receiving your tickets. Sometimes it’s convenient to simply get them at the show, but this isn’t always the case. Other times, you may want to call the Ticketmaster customer service number to ensure they can be sent to your home or business. This is often much more convenient for people, especially if they’re seeing a popular show in a busy city.


Ticketmaster really does encompass the whole concert experience. Many people don’t know this, but you can call the Ticketmaster helpdesk about merchandise sold at shows too. This often makes it easier for you to get the shirt you want, for example, without having to fight the crowds. Plus, when you contact Ticketmaster, you’ll get the size you want too. You can’t beat that.

There are a number of reasons to contact Ticketmaster customer service when you feel like taking in a show. Keep the phone number for Ticketmaster on you at all times and you’ll be ensured the seats you want for the show you need to see.

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