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UPS Customer Service Contact Phone NumberUPS Contact Number 0843 487 1658 is a direct dial telephone number that will connect you directly to a customer service representative waiting to take your call.


UPS Company Phone Number


As one of the biggest and most popular shipping services in entire world, chances are you may need the UPS contact number in the near future. With millions of packages being shipped at any one time, having the UPS contact number could save you a lot of trouble, especially if the one you’re expecting contains something important.


The UPS Store


Nowadays, when you call the UPS contact number, the company you’re actually calling is The UPS Store. This business has been in operation since 1980. Back then the UPS number would actually contact you to Mail Boxes, Etc. It wasn’t till 2003 that the company took on its new name—the one it’s known all over the world for now.


Although UPS has become known as a worldwide leader in shipping, one of its most popular features is probably its trucks. These, big brown trucks (which often feature the

UPS contact number) are found all over the world, operating in rain, snow, sleet or shine.


Calling UPS for Help


While the company generally has commendable rates of customer service, it’s still a good idea to keep the UPS contact number handy. After all, your package is always important and with millions being shipped at any one time, you’re always right to worry.


Given the size of the company, however, you have to expect that the UPS phone number is not going to be a direct line. Instead, you’ll definitely need to make some selections before you get through all the menus and to the section you need. But, again, this is to be expected for the UPS customer service contact number. Otherwise, getting the help you need could actually take longer because you’d always be connected with an operator.


Calling Regarding Your Package


The moment you believe something may have happened to your package, you should call the UPS phone number so they can assist. You’ll want to make sure you have its routing number handy, so they can help track the package down. This service is especially handy for those who don’t want to use the website or have access to the Internet. All you need is the UPS number and your package’s identification number and you can find out about your package—whether you were sending it or receiving it.


Calling Regarding Service


When you receive a parcel from UPS, whether at your home or business, the deliverymen hand delivers them. If you have a complaint about the service, give the UPS customer service contact number a quick dial and they’ll straighten things out. When you call the UPS customer service number, you may find it was a misunderstanding or that you deserve a refund.


Questions Regarding Shipping


Another common reason to call the UPS customer service phone number is to ask questions about shipping. The operators on the UPS helpdesk can provide you with all the relevant information when you contact UPS.


So if you’re having issues, give UPS customer service a call. Keeping the phone number for UPS handy will help make this an easy situation to handle.

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