What are common 8 mistakes in GROUP Discussion?


When we are discussing about a topic we should be clear on what we are explaining we should not bluff on the part which we are not aware of.
We should not take anything seriously just assume that we are in the debate team, here we need to explain about the topic about the pros and cons of the topic.
We should not rush to speak, we have to allow others also to speak and give their feedback on the topic.
Group discussion etiquette should be maintained.Addess the whole group, and simple and formal language should be used so that group members will not be confused on the point.
Even though you have prepared some points in the preparation time don’t use difficult phrases, Make the speech and deliver the points naturally
Never ever interrupt any speaker when they are speaking, Allow them to complete their speech and then continue speaking.
Taking too much on the topic which is completely irrelevant.
Emotional outburst should be avoided.

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