What are the simple steps used to change the colour of mehandhi from bright orange to deep red:


Mix 1 table spoon of lemon and sugar in a cub of water and dip the cotton in the mixture and damp it on the design so that it gives bright colour.
Boil the water with Camphor and place your hand on the vapour so that it gives good colour.
Coconut oil also can be used to enhance the colour
No soap or any chemical should be used for about 2 hrs,it may fade away the look and its seems to shassy look. Because chemicals have the capacity to remove the colouring agents of mahendhi.
You can apply petroleum jelly after washing your hands that will enhance the colour.
Run/rub your hands over the fumes of cloves it enhances the colour.
You can also apply any cooking oil before applying mehandhi.
Use the best product in the market so that when you follow silly steps you can find the result.
Avoid drinking of water or any liquid food before application.
When you follow any of these steps, sure you can find the best results.

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